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Square Steel Tubing by Steel Tube Inc.
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Square Steel Tubing by Steel Tube Inc.


August 30, 2016
North Carolina Steel Tubing Manufacturer, Steel Tube Inc.
Completes Proposed Expansion
Steel Tube Inc’s decision to double their steel tubing manufacturing and inventory capacity is primarily driven
by increased demand for UV and Corrosion resistant mechanical and structural steel tubing as well as to
provide a streamlined customer service experience

John Glasgow Appointed as National Sales Manager
With the additional production capacity and
product line, Steel Tube intends to seek a
greater audience for their craft.

"Our recent expansion will enable the company
compete more effectively and further expand
our sales territory into the northeast and
Midwestern regions of the U.S.”, Says John
Glasgow, National Sales Manager for Steel
Tube Inc. 

$1 Million Investment in New Technology
Thanks to an investment in a new UV coating production line, Steel Tube Inc customers can now purchase large quantities UV clear coated
galvanized steel tubing.  Steel Tube also added a BEWO DCH Saw that offers high speed ultra-precision cutting with end-finishing and
deburring capability to augment their cut-to-length services and add additional quality elements to Steel Tube’s existing finished product
quality standards.
More Space Equals More Purchasing and Inventory Options
As part of their multifaceted expansion, Steel Tube Inc. took the opportunity to add 40,000 square feet to their steel tubing warehouse. “The
additional warehouse space will give us the ability stock a larger inventory of steel tubing as well as offering product stocking and buying
programs to customers.”, said Steel Tube Inc. CEO, Mike Lazenby. ”Customers can benefit greatly by having finished product on the floor
ready to ship at all times.”, adds Lazenby.

Steel Tube, Inc. is one of the largest carbon steel and galvanized steel tubing manufacturers in the southeastern U.S. with over 25 years in the
industry.  Known for being easy to do business with and providing special services such as cut-to-length and in-house delivery, Steel Tube
Inc. is a premier source of top quality mechanical and structural steel tubing, producing ASTM A513 steel and galvanized steel tubing, Type 1
and Type 2, in squares, rectangles, rounds, and ovals.

For more information Contact
John Glasgow, National Sales Manager

Already a powerhouse in the mid-Atlantic and
Southeastern steel tubing industry, Steel Tube
Inc. recently completed a multi-million
expansion that should move them forward for
years to come.