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Square Steel Tubing by Steel Tube Inc.
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Round Steel Tubing by Steel Tube Inc

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Square Steel Tubing by Steel Tube Inc.

General Purpose Carbon Steel



Steel is classified as carbon steel when
its properties are defined by the various
percentage of carbon without substantial
amounts of other alloying elements. As
carbon content increases, the steel
becomes harder and stronger while the
ductility of the steel decreases.

Carbon steel gets its strength from its
shape, not its weight or width.

The exacting tolerances and precise
milling standards of steel tubing make it
ideal for structural, mechanical, and
manufacturing applications where
dependable strength and and ease of
use is essential and a minimum of
additional processing is desired. 

Steel Tube Inc. manufactures carbon
steel tubing in a variety of sizes and
shapes, including square, rectangular,
round, and oval.


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