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Square Steel Tubing by Steel Tube Inc.
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Round Steel Tubing by Steel Tube Inc

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Square Steel Tubing by Steel Tube Inc.
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Based in Statesville, NC, Steel Tube, Inc.™ is one of the largest carbon steel and
galvanized steel tubing manufacturers in the southeastern United States. Steel Tube
is a premier source of top quality mechanical and structural steel tubing. Our primary
product is ASTM A513 steel tubing, Type 1 and Type 2, in squares, rectangles,
rounds, and ovals.
We operate four separate tube mills, using both High Frequency Welding. This
gives us the capability to produce large quantities of galvanized and carbon steel
tubing in sizes ranging from .5” square to 2.5” square, and from .028" to .125"
gauge wall thicknesses.
All our tooling dies are produced in-house via wire EDM on a Sodick A500 WT with
an MK21 control. We have an extensive machine shop with highly experienced
operators, which means we are rarely 'down' waiting for repairs or new dies. Our
shop features carbide tooling for fast and accurate work, two Bridgeport milling
machines and a pair of engine lathes. All maintenance is done in-house, on the
spot, for maximum productivity.

A family-owned business, Steel Tube Inc. is committed to high standards of work
and customer service.  If tubing is all you're after, any tubing supplier will do.  If you
need a flexible, dependable and professional partner to help you streamline and
support your manufacturing, we're your ticket.

Setting The Standard

Professionalism is a Steel Tube Inc.
tenet. It is woven into the company's
DNA. From top to bottom, we expect
the best from ourselves and from each

Trust And Reliability

Consistency, continuity, and the ability
to modify and adapt effectively are the
essential elements that enable Steel
Tube Inc. to compete with the elite in
the steel tubing industry. 

Taking Pride In Our Craft

Steel Tube Inc quality is the result of a
knowledgeable, committed effort to
produce a superior product and the
willingness to stand behind it. Quality
doesn't happen by accident.


Steel Tube Inc. Products

Carbon Steel Tubing

Carbon Steel Square Tubing
Carbon Steel Rectangle Tubing
Carbon Steel Round Tubing
Carbon Steel Oval Tubing

Galvanized Steel Tubing

Galvanized Steel Square Tubing
Galvanized Steel Rectangle Tubing
Galvanized Steel Round Tubing
Galvanized Steel Oval Tubing

Steel Tube Inc. Special Services

If you have a special need associated with your steel tubing order, We can help find a
solution. Below are some examples of special customer requests that are now part of our
daily service offerings.

Cut To Length
Steel Tube Inc. can cut your tubing to desired lengths, from 2 inches to 320 inches.

Special Packaging
Sometimes special circumstances require special packaging. Steel Tube Inc can
package your steel tubing order to meet your specifications

In-House Delivery
Steel Tube Inc. offers an in-house trucking fleet, which means that we can expedite
steel tubing orders when timing is critical.

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